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On Demand Training

Interested in workshops at your location? Contact CPTC for On-Demand Training at

For a fixed fee of $400, a cost which may be shared by several co-hosting communities. We will have an expert in the subject provide a webinar at a time you select. Topics are normally one of our core workshops.

The CPTC On-Demand workshops work as follows:

  1. The City/Town selects a topic. For example How to Hold A Perfect Public Hearing.
  2. The City/Town provides CPTC with some potential dates when most Board members are available.
  3. CPTC finds a trainer that is available on one of the dates.
  4. CPTC and the City/town execute a contract for the services provide and the cost.
  5. CPTC provides the PowerPoint presentation and other presentation material as well as handouts.
  6. After the workshop, CPTC invoices the City/Town for the services.