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CPTC offers three types of training opportunities. Our Online Workshops, the Annual Conference and On Demand Training. We also offer videos on specialized topics of interest to planners.

CPTC Webinar Series 2024

The CPCT Webinar Series – 2024 replaces our traditional in person Workshops. The Series begins in May and will offer roughly one workshop a month in the spring and early summer and multiple workshops each month in the fall. Registration is open for available workshops.

Annual Conference

The 2025 Annual Conference will be held March 15, 2025 at Holy Cross College’s Hogan Center in Worcester.

On Demand Training

On Demand Training is scheduled through your city or town, regional planning agency or other organization. It is a great way to target training toward local or regional needs. On Demand Training is conducted remotely by one of our trainers. Contact CPTC for more information.


Webinar videos on specialized topics.