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MassPlanners Listserv

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Massplanners listserv is for people associated with planning in Massachusetts. The listserv was begun by Chris Skelly a number of years ago. Since then it has become a major a forum for discussion of planning issues in the State. CPTC began hosting and moderating massplanners in 2021.

Subscribers include professional planners from municipalities, regional planning agencies, state agencies, federal agencies and consulting planners.  There are also student planners and citizen planners serving on planning boards and zoning boards of appeals.  Other subscribers to massplanners include attorneys, engineers, conservationists, public health advocates and developers.  Anyone currently working in planning or with an interest in Massachusetts planning is welcome to join massplanners. 

Before you subscribe please read the listserv guidelines summarized here.

  • Only subscribers can post to the listserv.
  • When you send a message or question to the list, include your full name and affiliation.  
  • Postings should relate solely to issues of planning in Massachusetts.
  • The subject line of your email should clearly describe the body text of your email.
  • Before posting a question on massplanners, please consider whether your question could be easily answered by reviewing educational resource material, reviewing your municipal bylaws, querying state law or using a search engine.
  • Do not send any messages that include commercial advertising for services or products, personal attacks, solicitations for employment, membership or donations, virus warnings or other chain mail.

To subscribe to massplanners go to

To post to massplanners To reply to a post paste the subject you are replying to in the subject line and send to