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The contents of these documents address planning and land use law issues commonly dealt with by municipal planners throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Many were written or compiled some years ago. They continue to be useful today, for both general reference and clarification of the complex statutes and case law related to land use. As expected, portions of the information contained in these documents has been modified by changes in statutes and regulations, or clarified by more recent case law. Users are encouraged to keep this in mind when consulting these documents.

The most up to date publication on Massachusetts land use is Guidebook to Massachusetts Land Use 2021 published by the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association. You must join Mass APA to access the Guidebook. The Guidebook will be available in August of 2021.


Reference publications covering the Zoning Act, Approval Not Required, Subdivision Control, Ancient Roads and other subjects.

Annual Conference Docs

Handouts and power point presentations from the CPTC Annual Conference.

CPTC Organizational Docs

CPTC's memorandum of understanding.