MIIA Insurance Credits

MIIA Credit

CPTC workshops designated "MIIA credit" entitle your city or town to credit under the MIIA Rewards Program towards public officials liability insurance. Attend non-MIIA Professional Liability training on training topics listed below. A member can receive non-MIIA training credit (.5%-1%) for each unique training topic.

CPTC Workshops qualifying for MIIA credit:

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Planning & Zoning Boards Part l & ll
  • Introduction to the Zoning Act
  • Introduction to the Subdivision Control Law and ANR
  • Non-Conforming Structures, Lots, Uses &Vested Rights
  • Planning & Zoning for Medical Marijuana
  • Special Permits and Variances
  • The Next Chapter 40B
  • Writing Reasonable & Defensible Decisions
  • Zoning Exceptions
  • Creating Master Plans
  • Economic Development in Small Towns
  • Planning With Community Support
  • Site Plan Review
  • How to Hold a Perfect Public Hearing
  • Planning with Community Support