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2018 CPTC Annual Conference Credits

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CPTC Certificate Program

CPTC offers a Level I Certificate for completing 3 of the following courses:
1. The Roles and Responsibilities of Planning and Boards of Appeals, part 1
2. The Roles and Responsibilities of Planning and Boards of Appeals, part 2
3. Introduction to the Subdivision Control Act
4. Introduction to the Zoning Act
5. How to Write Reasonable and Defensible Decisions

CPTC offers a Level II Certificate for completing Level I requirements and 3 of the following courses:
1. Planning with Community Support (applies to planning board members only)
2. Non-conforming Structures, Lots, and Uses, and Vested Rights
3. Zoning Exemptions
4. Special Permits and Variances

AICP Continuing Education Credit

Workshops designated (AICP)* will be submitted to AICP for credit. If approved, these sessions will entitle the participant to 1.5 hours of credit. Additional information will be provided and at the conference.

Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA) Rewards Program

Sessions designated "MIIA" entitle your town to credit under the MIIA Rewards Program towards public officials liability insurance.

MIIA 2013 Policy
Attend non-MIIA Professional Liability training on training topics. A member can receive non-MIIA training credit (.5%-1%) for each unique training topic. Submit policy and Training Verification Form* or course outline (to include length of course, presenter and attendance list).